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Writing a letter to your sponsored student is a great way to form a personal connection with them and encourage them to achieve educational success! Check out the tips and instructions below to ensure that your letter reaches the student.

What should I include in my letter?
  • Include information about your interests, fun facts about others in your family, or even photos and other flat keepsake items.

  • Ask the student about their favorite subject to study in school, activities they enjoy, or fun stories from their life they would like to share.

  • Please refrain from including details about personal wealth, suggesting that your student come to visit you, or offering to buy anything for them.

  • To protect the privacy of the children and their families, no contact is to be made with students except through Building New Hope. Do not ask a student for any personal contact information.

  • Your main goal is to foster a personal connection between yourself and the student while encouraging them to continue achieving success in their studies!

All letters should be mailed to​:

Building New Hope

6401 Penn Avenue

3rd Floor

Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Virtual correspondence may also be sent via email to:

All correspondence will be reviewed and translated by our team before being delivered to the students in Nicaragua.

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